lo que se fue y lo que se dejó // what was and what was left by Ashley Ortiz-Diaz 


4Most Gallery (534 SW 4th Ave.) is pleased to present the lo que se fue y lo que se dejó // what was and what was left, a solo exhibition by Ashley Ortiz-Diaz, MFA candidate in Printmaking. In this exhibition, Ortiz-Diaz makes space for contemplating death through word, image, installation, and workshops. Throughout her thesis, the plane (including table tops, sheets of paper, and those drawn) is utilized as a guide, translator, medium, platform for respite, and a space for reflection. Ortiz-Diaz asks the viewer to think of the horizon line as a liminal space between earth and sky, body and soul, the living and the dead. That which floats in-between has a privileged position, and she invites us to investigate it.

Exhibition Schedule:

Opening Reception: March 15th 7-10pm

Exhibition Length: March 15th- March 29th

Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery Presentation Friday, March 22nd at 1pm

Workshop #1 Monday, March 25th at 3pm (limited seated)

Workshop #2 Wednesday, March 27th at 7pm (limited seated)

Workshop # 3 Friday, March 29th at 1pm (limited seated)

End Game Film Screening March 28th at 6pm

Closing Reception: March 29th 7pm-10pm