Risen Compass by 4Most Gallery

The risen compass was a solo exhibition by Emmanuel Manu Opoku, MFA candidate in Sculpture at the University of Florida. His work explores the complex relationship between image, value, perception, and commodity. He prefers to call his work a collage because it allows him to connect personal narratives together on one surface. Emmanuel Manu Opoku was born in Kumasi, Ghana in 1990. He went to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, majoring in Painting. Group exhibitions include Silence between the Lines, Kumasi, The Gown Must Go Town, Museum of Science and Technology, Accra, and If you love me at Kumasi Railway Loco Shed. The risen compass was Emmanuel Manu Opoku’s debut solo exhibition in Gainesville, FL.

Lonely Hearts Club by 4Most Gallery

The Lonely Hearts Club was a one night pop up show on February 8th, 2019 from 7-9PM. The Lonely Hearts Club showcased poetry and art that examines the complexities of love, platonic relationships, unconventional love, toxic exes, intimacy, and self-love.

The show featured: Jade Le, Blake Konkol, Taylor Spring Collings, Brian Moody, Jelena Pistinjat, Jordyn Goldklank, Annie Thompson, Dani Vargas, Selina Wagner, Sandra de la Rosa, Rebecca Matson, Marina Sachs, Sierra Labra, Madeline Boyd, Palmer Crippen, Iko, Liz Herold, Dayhelyn Franck, Foad Seyed Mohammadi, Melissa Nunez and Robert Perez, Jose Luis Garcia, Kyla Jenkins, Faye Valentine, Jessica Chung, Cindy Leung, Maddie Haggbloom, Sara Marigomen, Alexis Thompson, Willow Rachels, and Danny Duffy.

Portraits of Paradise by 4Most Gallery

Contributing artists: Ryan Schulz, Claire Lenahan, Jacque Adams, and Erin Holmes

Portraits of Paradise examined ceramic tiki drinkware as part of the escapism of contemporary cocktail culture. The tiki bar, (first appearing in the early 1930s) was built on Don the Beachcomber’s conceptual promise: “If you can’t get to paradise, I’ll bring paradise to you”. The show celebrated ceramic drinkware shedding its old vernacular of faux-Ku effigies and objectified “hula girls” for more retro, nostalgic and pop centric icons of contemporary American escapism. This new generation of tiki mugs are sculpted from the individual artist’s language of self-regulation harkening back to childhood familiars, immersive media, or content fandom that help smooth the edges off a constantly volatile, political, and economic climate. It might not bring the same paradise promised by the forefathers of tiki culture, but contemporary drinkware still delivers a means of escape through the timeless consumption of cocktails.

Transnatural by 4Most Gallery

Contributing artists: Palmer Crippen, Jennifer McCloskey, Yasmeen Shaban, and John ‘Feeshy’ Walker.

Transnatural showcases a collection of work that strives to capture and rethink the future of the IRL in a digital based environment. The artists aim to not only use digital processes as a method of archiving the natural world, but also attempt to visualize a transnatural IRL. The show examines questions regarding the future role of the IRL such as: do we, as humans, have an obligation to nurture the IRL since it has nurtured us? How can we assist the IRL in progressing into the digital future? Or should we return the IRL to its chaotic origins prior to human domestication by evolving into a post-body state via digital processes?

2g00dh0td@mn by 4Most Gallery

Contributing artists: Ashley Browne, Steven Chan, Gina Marchini, Jennifer McCloskey, Brianna Piedra, E Rady, Hali Reeves, Grace Schwarz, Yasmeen Shaban, and John Walker.

2g00dh0td@mn, a one night pop up show brought to u by the Digital Arts Media Network (@uf.damnstagram), exhibits work from artists who are experimenting within the intersection of art and technology. Through the use of video, sculpture, digital fabrication, and virtual reality, the exhibition proposes alternative realities and explores self-representation in relation to time and space.

and/or by 4Most Gallery

And/or was an exhibition featuring the work of Montana Wilson, Kylee Jo Skidmore, Ryan Haddix, and Kyla Jenkins. In this exhibition they aimed to create hypothetical worlds inspired by cultural and physical environments they’ve experienced. Their paintings, drawings, and sculptures weave and unpack complex realities found in domestic spaces, fragmented memories, hyperbolized cultural norms, and mindless consumption.

The Border is Here | Sandra de la Rosa by 4Most Gallery

The Border is Here was a solo exhibition by Sandra de la Rosa, an MFA candidate in Drawing and Painting at the University of Florida. Sandra exhibited a body of work about the US-Mexico border. It depicted a series of drawings that visualize some of the dynamics that immigrants navigate such as language, access/or lack of legal forms of migration, and privilege. All of these were translated into symbols such as doors, walls, ladders to nowhere and ladders leading to the entrance.

Undergrid by 4Most Gallery

Undergrid was the first official Undergraduate Invitational held at 4Most Gallery. The works featured in this exhibition explore the individual experience under architectural, collective, geographic, emotional, public, and contemplative spaces. Their works created multidimensional dialogues around the natural and the urban, suffocation and fluidity, death and rebirth, the body and architecture, the self and community. The breadth of subjects did not compromise the depth in which they were unpacked in these captivating works.

Contributing Artists: Frida Videbaek Andersen, Jasmine Conrad, Mimi Diep, Victoria Dietsch, Becky Franke, Claire Elise, Isabella Guttuso, IKO, Hannah Kline, Noah Ponte, Zach Shubert, Brett Taylor, and John Walker.

Grad Invitational by 4Most Gallery

This exhibition featured the work of graduate students from UF’s School of Art and Art History. Participating artists were in their first, second or third year of graduate school in studio art and are producing work in a range of media including graphic design, photography, drawing, printmaking, painting and performance.

Featured Artists: Andrew Norris, Ashley Ortiz-Diaz, Cameron Doby, Chad Serhal, Cindy Leung, Claire Lenahan, Erxuan Xu, Foad Seyed Mohammadi, Melissa Nunez, Fang-Yi Su, Monsur Awotunde, Peter Gouge, Sandra de la Rosa, Tori Beth Bell, and Victoria Palombit

hot pot by Almaz Wilson and Minah Shim by 4Most Gallery

This exhibition symbolizes their first time working together collaboratively on drawings and sculptures. Like a hotpot, their process involves a lot of complex layers of messy spicy ingredients leading to rich discussions, routine flows of shared creativity and moments of reflection. The exhibition showcases the work of two talented artists seeking to grow and gain insights from each other's experiences and perspective.

Featured artists: Almaz Wilson and Minah Shim

Affinity to Water: Mapping Tides, Forest, Estuary, and Shell Middens by 4Most Gallery

Affinity to Water: Mapping Tides, Forest, Estuary, and Shell Middens, the artists featured in this exhibition visited the 165 acre island of Seahorse Key. The University of Florida established a marine laboratory research facility on the island in 1952 as part of the Nature Coast Biological Station. This research facility hosts field-based courses, public outreach, and collaborative research regarding the conservation and sustainability of the Nature Coast. This exhibition represents artistic production that ranges from poetic performances to a didactic figurative ceramic sculpture. Many of the artists in this exhibition searched inward to speak about feelings of alienation, memory, and home while others examine the island’s ties to scientific research. Their engagement with the fieldwork conducted on the island ranged from researching the local botany and geology, to cartography and ecology. This rhizomatic melody led to a comprehensive exhibition focused on a local place facing the ever-changing tides of the sea.

Featured artists: Devlin Caldwell, Cameron Doby, Setareh Ghoreishi, G.V. Kelley, Kevin Mahoney, Elham Masoudi, Sue Montoya, Melissa Nunez, Robert Perez, Christina Singer, Minah Shim, Benyue Wei, Ernie Williams, Erxuan Xu, Jingyan Yu

Alina Tamshina, Tabatha Gonzales, Kelly Reynolds, Olivia Ardizzone, & Dessa Mercurio: Prostitution of the Soul by 4Most Gallery


A painting group exhibit with variable motives for exploiting
 our own emotional states. The work explores the dichotomy between internal and external spaces in context to both the physical realm and the inner mind. There will be a variety of painting mediums and sculptures but the show will focus on work of oil on canvas.

Part of the show will feature a living room installation that echoes scenery from an accompanied painting. The work addresses the line between public and private, questioning what we have to sacrifice to be a part of either realm.