Lonely Hearts Club / by 4Most Gallery

4Most Gallery is pleased to present The Lonely Hearts Club,  a one night pop up show on February 8th, 2019 from 7-9PM. The Lonely Hearts Club showcases poetry and art that examines the complexities of love, platonic relationships, unconventional love, toxic exes, intimacy, and self-love.

The show features: Jade Le, Blake Konkol, Taylor Spring Collings, Brian Moody, Jelena Pistinjat, Jordyn Goldklank, Annie Thompson, Dani Vargas, Selina Wagner, Sandra de la Rosa, Rebecca Matson, Marina Sachs, Sierra Labra, Madeline Boyd, Palmer Crippen, Iko, Liz Herold, Dayhelyn Franck, Foad Seyed Mohammadi, Melissa Nunez and Robert Perez, Jose Luis Garcia, Kyla Jenkins, Faye Valentine, Jessica Chung, Cindy Leung, Maddie Haggbloom, Sara Marigomen, Alexis Thompson, Willow Rachels, and Danny Duffy.